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CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & State Syllabus and B.E/B.teCH students, We've got you covered!


School Tuition

5th - 12th

English (5-12), Maths and Science (8-10) tuition for CBSE, ICSE, State Syllabus, IGCSE, IB students

Engineering Tuition

B.E/ B.Tech

Tuition and support  for B.E/ B.Tech  First Year and Core Mechanical Engineering students.

We give Online Academic Coaching -or "tuitions" as the world may call it in daily parlance- to school and engineering students. Though we teachers are based at Bangalore and Trivandrum, the digital connectivity has made nugatory the meaning of the word distance.

We as teachers have come across a diaspora of the student populace. We have seen many faces, many characters, many qualities and braved many challenges. A prime factor for our success as teachers is the ease with which we build a rapport with the students to effectively communicate with them the subject knowledge. So, whether it be school or college-level students, who are learning English or Maths or Thermodynamics, we know how to make them understand the concepts.

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At "The Signboard", we are always here to help you. 


There's a ton of things that we can explore and associate through. From schools engineering subject tuitions, career counselling and advice for school and B.E/B.Tech students as well as professionals, motivational talks and interactive events for the general public, there are multitudes of things that we love to keep ourselves busy.

With the decades of experience we have garnered as a school teacher for English/University level professors teaching Mechanical Engineering, our aim is to provide supplementary academic aid to students. We consider it a great joy to engage with the young soon-to-be professionals and in them, Initiate Masterminds.

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Ajay Nayar


Two Professors from Bangalore who teaches Mechanical Engineering students and their dear Aunt who has been teaching school students for the past 40+ years!

Engineering tuition, Meghana Athadkar
School tuition, Hema Ramkumar

Thank you very much sir for taking personal interest to get my son back on track. You have a unique method to get through to kids of this generation. You make the subject so simple and interesting that one understands the most difficult part as well with relative ease. The connect you establish with the students is amazing. I've seen students, including my son look up to you. Once again thank you for all that you did for us sir.

Sanjay Sharma

VP, Cyient Ltd.