Quizzes & Tests

This page consists of quizzes and tests that the students get to attempt as part of their academics. Each picture shown contains the link to the very powerful web application, Testportal. In addition to the periodic subject tests, students can also attempt tests/quizzes to win scholarships that we offer.

Students may click on the subject and on the following page, enter their personal details along with any "passcode" that they may receive as an email from us.  

Science Tuition for 7 to 10
Maths Tuitions for 7 to 10
Basic Thermodynamics
Applied Thermodynamics
Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics


We like rewarding the students for their performances. We believe that the student and his/her hard work needs to be acknowledged. So, we go about doing that not just through the usual marking system, but always topping it up with a gift, encouraging them to strive harder for the greater marvels that await them. All this is in addition to the scholarships and discounts, we offer.