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Applied Thermodynamics

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Applied Thermodynamics


Meg Athadkar

Priding herself as the "student of the student of Ludwig Prandtl", she is a fantastic teacher and researcher par excellence. ​As a teacher, she is much respected and is a one-stop point for anything on Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. She loves the peace and quiet of the dense lush greens, and rides her 350 cc-Enfield, like a champion!

About the course

Applied Thermodynamics is an course that covers topics ranging from energy and temperature to its observance and application in engineering systems. Standard air cycles and the thermodynamic properties of pure substances are also discussed, together with gas compressors, combustion, and psychrometry. This course begins with an overview of the concept of energy as well as the macroscopic and molecular approaches to thermodynamics. The following segments focus on temperature, entropy, and standard air cycles, along with gas compressors, steam and steam engines, combustion and internal combustion engines, psychrometry and refrigeration.

Ajay and Meghana, with their experience in research and teaching this subject at university level is well endowed with the skill-set to help students ace the subject.