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Automobile Engineering

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Automobile Engineering


AJ Nayar

A Spacecraft Engineer by degree, his passion unquestionably has always been teaching. Excellent technical knowledge, paired with industrial and academic experience, he has the exceptional ability to have an emotional connect with the students. His persistence and unrelenting commitment to work, with an innovative problem-solving mindset has always won him accolades. His student fandom is a testimonial to his passion. He says, "incessant learning is the secret of being an amazing teacher."

About the course

Since the day man evolved from horse carts to cars, vehicle engineering has always been changing. From radical ideas being implemented for performance improvement, to new techniques being attempted to check its feasibility, every day sees something new in this sector. But, the fundamental working of the automobile needs to be understood to know what and how it can be improved. The curriculum that we can help students deal with understanding the engine components, the clutch and gear systems, braking, suspension, axle, power transmission, steering and other supplementary systems which come as a part and parcel of the automobile as such.

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