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Basic Civil Engineering

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Basic Civil Engineering


AJ Nayar

A Spacecraft Engineer by degree, his passion unquestionably has always been teaching. Excellent technical knowledge, paired with industrial and academic experience, he has the exceptional ability to have an emotional connect with the students. His persistence and unrelenting commitment to work, with an innovative problem-solving mindset has always won him accolades. His student fandom is a testimonial to his passion. He says, "incessant learning is the secret of being an amazing teacher."

About the course

Basic Civil Engineering is designed to enrich the not only conceptual knowledge about civil engineering to the non-civil or allied branches of engineering. The curriculum expose the students to materials for construction, building construction, surveying etc.

Additionally, they are trained to understand the concept of Mechanics and how the loading pattern affects the structures that the engineers analyse. Starting with Equilibrium of forces, friction, support reactions, Trusses, centroids and finally, Kinematics.