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Basic Mechanical

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Basic Mechanical


AJ Nayar

A Spacecraft Engineer by degree, his passion unquestionably has always been teaching. Excellent technical knowledge, paired with industrial and academic experience, he has the exceptional ability to have an emotional connect with the students. His persistence and unrelenting commitment to work, with an innovative problem-solving mindset has always won him accolades. His student fandom is a testimonial to his passion. He says, "incessant learning is the secret of being an amazing teacher."

About the course

Basic Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of topics and engineering concepts which the first year students of undergraduate engineering course is expected to know. From topics such as energy sources, thermodynamics, power drives & turbines, IC engines, refrigeration, basic fluid mechanics, fundamentals of material science, power transmission, manufacturing processes, machine tools and computer integration into all these.

Not all universities may have all these in their syllabus, yet the all of them definitely will ensure that the students have a fundamental knowledge about all the basic engineering elements. Nevertheless, whatever be the syllabus, we promise to hand-hold you and help you to tackle the subject.

Both Meghana and Ajay are professors, engineers, and by heart, pure scientists. Their expertise and experience with university-level students give them the talent to explain science in simple language. This is very necessary to ensure that freshers are introduced to the technical world in the right manner. This is what you can be sure will happen!