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Engineering Graphics


AJ Nayar

A Spacecraft Engineer by degree, his passion unquestionably has always been teaching. Excellent technical knowledge, paired with industrial and academic experience, he has the exceptional ability to have an emotional connect with the students. His persistence and unrelenting commitment to work, with an innovative problem-solving mindset has always won him accolades. His student fandom is a testimonial to his passion. He says, "incessant learning is the secret of being an amazing teacher."

About the course

Have you heard about Leornado da Vince? Yes, he drew Mona Lisa. Yes, he drew the Last Supper. Yes, he is one of the greatest painters of history that the world still reveres. But do you also know that he is credited with the first sketch of a flying machine? Or a machine gun? Or Bridges and hydraulic machines and a host of other practical inventions and projects. How do you think he showed the world what he could do? Graphical representation is one of the most fundamental methods of communication, one that was born even before the advent of languages!

This art was further perfected during the imperial ages with the onset of the industrial revolution. Certain drawing standards came into practice which thus giving birth to the regulations you would be complying to. In today's world, computer integration has reduced the rigour and improved the accuracy of the pcitures. Yet, understanding the concepts are very important.

Ajay with his own exploration into engineering drawing practices knows what is to be taught and how it is to be taught. With his experience, he'll guide you with the tricks to get the concept sketched on paper accurately. Well. if it is a computer software that you prefer, he is well versed with many graphical suites too.