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English Language

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English Language


Hema Ramkumar

A charming and gentle teacher, with 40+ years of teaching experience, Mrs Hema has taught at premier schools of various cities. She has mentored thousands of students from varied social spectra. Because she keeps pepping her classes with inspirational advice, she has always been appraised as a fantastic "life" coach too! Her students just adore her. You too, will!

About the course

English, all by itself is the single most unifying factor on earth. It has crossed many boundaries and undeniably, links various cultures around the globe. It has always been and will remain an adhesive for people from different communities, working together under the same roof.

So, our command for the language must be proper. It is not really the dialect with which you speak that matters. It is more important that your grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills are polished for effective communication. Do that, and it would go a long way in improving your career progress and quality of life.

Mrs Hema, with her unparalleled years of experience, teaching English to the students of primary to the higher secondary, will help you conquer the fear for the language. She will gently take you through the whole year, encouraging you always, correcting you when necessary and guiding you towards success.