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IC Engines


AJ Nayar

A Spacecraft Engineer by degree, his passion unquestionably has always been teaching. Excellent technical knowledge, paired with industrial and academic experience, he has the exceptional ability to have an emotional connect with the students. His persistence and unrelenting commitment to work, with an innovative problem-solving mindset has always won him accolades. His student fandom is a testimonial to his passion. He says, "incessant learning is the secret of being an amazing teacher."

About the course

We live in a world that says “electrification” of automobiles will save the world from imminent global warming and climatic catastrophes. But that will take time! So in the mean time, let us try to understand how the various types of IC engines work and how the present technology can be improved and run more efficiently. It is imperative that we need to understand, not just how the petrol and diesel engines work, but also the pollution that they cause and how that can be mitigated. This implies we need to understand the various parameters that go into the design and working of the engines. We will help you understand these parameters and enjoy learning what IC engines is all about and how we can make a difference to it in the future.