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Meg or AJ

Priding herself as the "student of the student of Ludwig Prandtl", she is a fantastic teacher and researcher par excellence. ​As a teacher, she is much respected and is a one-stop point for anything on Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. She loves the peace and quiet of the dense lush greens, and rides her 350 cc-Enfield, like a champion!

About the course

As Einstein once said, Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas. It indeed is the pulse of this universe. Mathematics is about building scientific and human connections. And even if at times it might seem futile, at least the intellectual adventure would worth it.

Meghana and Ajay are professors, engineers, and by heart, pure scientists. In their own research they are always grappling with the complexities involved in the application of science to solve engineering problems. And for that, mathematics is the fundamental language they work with. Their expertise and experience with university-level students, teaching them concepts involving higher level mathematics, give them the talent to explain school level math in very simple language. They will help you understand the inherent beauty of math by exploring the adventure contained within.