Referral Rewards!


Upto 25 %



Referral Rewards!

Subjects Available

Maths Tuitions for 7 to 10
Science Tuition for 7 to 10
Engineering Graphics
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering
Solid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Basic Thermodynamics
Applied Thermodynamics
Gas Dynamics
Automobile Engineering
IC Engines

Just refer your friends (or foes) to sign-up for tuition at For every successful referral of yours, we promise - and we mean it - that, we will give you up to 20% of their tuition fee*. Not just the first month, but the entire duration of his/her association with The Signboard!

Let's imagine that you had referred Signboard to a friend and he/she hired us for one of the subjects for a duration of, say three months. If the fee is 5000 p.m, we will credit your account with 1000 rupees, each month. So, if you come with five friends of yours, you'd be pocketing 5000! That's equivalent to hiring us for free! You are eligible for the monthly gift even if you don't need tuition!

Now, is there a cherry on this cake? Oh, yes! There is.

If its a group class, that your friends take up, we would up the gift we owe you by an additional 5%. So for every student, you had referred, you get up to a whopping 25% of their monthly fee!

All you have to do is,

  1. Call us and get a unique code.

  2. Share this code with your friends and ask them to hire our service.

  3. And if they hire us, then....just wait patiently till the month-end!

*conditions apply!