The Elite Scholarship


50 - 80 %


31 Dec 2026

The Elite Scholarship

Subjects Available

Maths Tuitions for 7 to 10
Science Tuition for 7 to 10
Engineering Graphics
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering
Solid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Basic Thermodynamics
Applied Thermodynamics
Gas Dynamics
Automobile Engineering
IC Engines

This scholarship is set with a two-pronged intention.  Please read through to understand what we mean by that.

Prong 1: Over the years, we have come across many students who love to learn what they are learning. They do that with an eagerness that sets them apart from the ones who usually take up private tuitions. Many a times, the void in the classroom teaching forces such students to look for supplementary help elsewhere. Yet, the prices usually charged (even by us) is sometimes more than what they can afford. The end result is that they do not get the understanding they long for. 

We intend to provide such bright students with financial aid to sit for all the sessions related to the subject they have enrolled for.

Prong 2: We have also come across some late bloomers - who turn a new leaf and suddenly start to be academically bright. Their initial apathy towards the subject and the lack of entusiasm to learn it could have been because of the void in the classroom teaching. These late bloomers turn out to be brillance in dormancy, that given a chance they can surprise one and all.

 We intend to provide such late bloomers also with financial aid to sit for all the sessions related to the subject they have enrolled for.

Selection Requirements

  • Pass the scholarship Exam after the completion of the first unit, to be selected for the scholarship award,

  • Be ready for exams after each unit + Surprise Quizzes for the maintainance of the awardee status.

  • Should have selected a Group Mode of Tuitions.


  • Only 3 students out of the (10 in a group) will be given scholarships in the order 80, 65 and 50% of tuition fees.

  •  Applicable for only one subject. You may sit for another exam if you want to be considered for Scholarship again for another subject