1-on-1 Session


Only One Student

If you choose this mode of study, we will ensure personalized attention and help you tackle with ease, the specific subject for which you seek tuition. We take care to ensure that you will be able to get an extended amount of attention throughout the session. Clarification of doubts, how much ever trivial it may be, can be done without fear of classroom shaming. This is especially applicable for students who are introverts or have a shy personality. Further, since it is with only one person that we converse, there are fewer distractions and you would have better control over the study environment and study schedule. Individual 1-on-1 sessions also allow more time for developing your cognitive and analytical skills, through repeated practice.

"Encouraging students to ask questions and investigate their own ideas helps improve their problem-solving skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of academic concepts".

Additionally, we will also be able to gauge your strengths and weakness quite quickly and alter our teaching methodology to suit your needs.

These 1-on-1 sessions are conducted either online, at your residence, or a place convenient for you and me. But with the present pandemic situation, it is always better to opt for online sessions.

We recommend that you review the Plan Benefits mentioned in the picture beside, to be aware of what comes along with this Plan in comparison to the other available plans. It will help you make a wise choice. Also, do check out the Discounts on offer.

The list of subjects shown in the pictures shown is not exhaustive, and if in case you are looking for help in an academic course/subject not mentioned, please contact us and confirm if we may be able to assist you.