Group Session


A Group of max. 10 Students

Like most people, for you, if it is only the tuition fee that matters, the Group Sessions is your best bet, with its cost approximately 35% less than that for 1-on-1 sessions.

But there's something more important than what most of us realise. A group class is always better! According to a Washington University in St. Louis  research published in the June 2005 issue of Linguistics and Education, an international research journal,

Studying in groups helps students learn more effectively. More than 20  years of academic research has consistently demonstrated that fact.

The awareness generated from the student-student and student-teacher interactions, response to the plethora of doubts raised in the group, help create a better learning environment which is not seen in the 1-on-1 sessions. Additionally, by encouraging interactions and activities aimed at a holistic understanding goes a long way in helping them learn any material at a deep level. The only catch is that the group size should be small. And that's what we at Signboard ensure, by limiting it to 10. Not even a fly, more! 

Additionally, the massive Discounts we offer are more for Group sessions. We recommend that you review the Plan Benefits mentioned in the picture beside, to be aware of what comes along with this Plan in comparison to the other available plans. It will help you make a wise choice.

The list of subjects shown in the pictures shown is not exhaustive, and if in case you are looking for help in an academic course/subject not mentioned, please contact us and confirm if we may be able to assist you.