Pay for One Unit


A Group of max. 10 Students

More often than not, the reason a student opts for tuition (or in the worst case gives up learning interest) is due to the discord he develops with the subject initiated by some stumbling block during the learning process. 

The culprits are varied and are not limited to just the student-teacher rapport, the teaching methodologies or the books referred. These kind of troubles may crop up any time during the learning process. All that is required is to quickly nip it in the bud. 

As teachers, we have seen these kind of issues a lot over our years of academic teaching experience. As a husband and wife teaching the same subjects, and that too in the same college, we have proactively tackled the situations by offering supplementary help to the student cohort being taught by the other. ONLY those specific segments which the students had an issue with, were explained by either on of us. This worked wonders and helped the students to maintain their interest in the subject for a longer period. 

Through Signboard, we propose the same idea. This plan is for those students who require help in tackling maybe a single unit. We will help you strengthen the concepts of maybe just one unit (or few units) and get you in speed with your college schedule. Signboard would be committed to you over tuition for just one unit. And one unit may last for around 10 hours of class hours. You would also not have to pay the usual tuition fee. Now, it is not mandatory that this plan may be chosen only for one unit. Maybe you need only two - the first and the fourth; or the second and the third; or first, second and fifth etc.

We recommend that you review the Plan Benefits mentioned in the picture beside, to be aware of what comes along with this Plan in comparison to the other available plans. It will help you make a wise choice. Also, do check out the Discounts on offer.

The list of subjects shown in the pictures shown is not exhaustive, and if in case you are looking for help in an academic course/subject not mentioned, please contact us and confirm if we may be able to assist you.