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Engineering Graphics

Engineering drawing or Engineering Graphics as it is sometimes known, is a subject where students are trained how to convey technical information about an object through pictographic representations, abbreviations and symbols. Unlike mathematics or science subjects, Engineering Drawing don't come filled with theorems or formulae. This often surprises for the fresh engineering students who remain surprised as to how the concepts are to be rememberd. While many universities have integrated the use of computer software for this subject, many others still insist on manual sketching.

Nevertheless, whatever be the method that your college expects you to work with, we promise to best effort to quell the surprise brought by this new subject. We will hand-hold to tackle the subject and ensure you emerge victorious.

Basic Mechanical Engineering

Basic Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of topics and engineering concepts which the first year students of undergraduate engineering course is expected to know. From topics such as energy sources, thermodynamics, power drives & turbines, IC engines, refrigeration, basic fluid mechanics, fundamentals of material science, power transmission, manufacturing processes, machine tools and computer integration into all these.

Not all universities may have all these in their syllabus, yet the all of them definitely will ensure that the students have a fundamental knowledge about all the basic engineering elements. Nevertheless, whatever be the syllabus, we promise to hand-hold you and help you to tackle the subject.

Basic Civil Engineering

In the engineering world, there is an adage that says if you really know mechanics, you are almost an engineer! And it is really not far from the truth. The fundamental application and distribution of forces and how they play a role in the structural integrity of an object needs to be understood before we really work with it. This is achieved through engineering mechanics and its subsets, statics, dynamics and strength of materials. Though it is usually taught under the ambit of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering would an equal share of the concepts application.

Basic Thermodynamics

Solid Mechanics

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