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We are just three ordinary human beings with only 24 hours in a day to help students. So we do not teach all school/engineering subjects under the sun. Yet, there are many which we deal with as part and parcel of our academics and research. Our aunt, Mrs Hema Ramkumar, presently based at Trivandrum, is a very experienced English teacher. While she provides English tuition for school students, we being Engineering professors based at Bangalore,  provide tutoring for B.E/B.Tech students and Mathematics and Science for school students.

​Over the years of handling students in the classroom, teaching and guiding them over the curricular and extra-curricular activities, helping and motivating them in their personal affairs, we have come to realise that the entire student populace can be segmented into a many myriads, each unique in its own fashion. We have come to observe that the students who turn up for tuition can also be characterised on a similar parallel. Let us call them the

  1. The Investor

  2. The Consumer

  3. The Back-Logger

A Disclaimer: These are terms that we have introduced for the sake of segmentation. They are not intended to shame or criticize the student groups that are described hereunder.

The Investor is the one who spends his time and energy to learn what he is supposed to learn. with the intention of reaping rewards later. It is not necessary that he/she be intellectually bright. But such students have the inherent quality of 'working hard' and all it requires is the right kind of stimulus and guidance towards alternate methods and perspectives for investing their time.

The Consumer is them who study a subject just to get the necessary marks, even if it is only to 'just pass' the subject. They just want the bare minimum of what is required. They are usually the street smarts and knows how to optimize their efforts to ensure that more effort is not required. Such people are always on the lookout for short-cuts and other easy-way-outs. We have been there and we know how to tackle such situations.

The Back-logger are those who are in a rush to clear subjects, often subjects from the previous semesters. They might be those who had the potential to be something else but had to bow down before familial pressures and take-up what they are presently learning. They remain complacent till moment their senses dawn on them. This batch is always at a gunpoint with time being critical and often not enough. It is extremely necessary that they clear multiple subjects with minimal preparation time. We will take them through intensive coaching and ensure that they survive the scare by passing the exam without much trouble.

We cater to the needs of any type of student, whether it be those who want to learn more and improve their skill-set or those who jsut want to get some marks and pass the examination hurdle. The subjects that we can help you with are listed within the categories shown below. We also provide a Free Demo Class for your appraisal.

Nevertheless, please do check with us through the Contact page above, about any specific subject that you need help on.

These are the various types of tuition sessions available. Click on the respective pictures to know in detail what each type is about. Once you have gone through that you may choose any one based on  your interests.

1-on-1 Tuition
Pay for 1 Unit.jpg

​​These are the various types of tuition sessions available. Click on the respective pictures to know in detail what each type is about. Once you have gone through that you may choose any one based on  your interests.

If you have decided what type of session (1-on-1 or Group) interests you, you may click on one of the categories shown here beside. 

Group Tuition Type
1-on-1 Tuition
Demo Class

Remind yourself to read through the inherent benefits of each Plan, mentioned alongside the description, to have a holistic point of view of how the Plans differ and what you stand to gain (or lose), with the choice you make. Additionally, please ensure the contact details entered are correct as we need the right information to call you up and take the discussion further.

On a general note, Group Sessions come with more features in comparison to the 1-on-1 sessions such as study resources, lecture videos, regular examinations, and the like. To have a good understanding of how the Plans differ, please check out and compare all the plan benefits.

session Type

Study levels

School Level Tuition

We provide supplementary academic help for students of

CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and STATE syllabus.

Academic support for English is available for students studying in the

5th to the 12th grade.

But support for Maths and Science is limited to those in the

8th to 10th grade.  


English for grades 5 - 12

Science & Maths for grades 8 - 10


Engineering Level Tuition

Academic help for students of

First Year-Engineering & Core Mechanical Engineering

**If you are looking for a subject not shown within this segment, please contact us.


First-Year Engineering and

Core Mechanical Engineering